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The Real World: Vegas Episode 10

May 12, 2011

I have to be honest, I seriously used to hate this show entirely before about a year ago. The funny part is that I had developed that hatred having never seen an episode in its entirety. I had seen bits and pieces here and there but never watched an entire episode let alone and entire season. The real kicker is that I started picking up on the show on what Real World veteran viewers would call one of the worst seasons of all time which was when it was set in DC. In any event, I kept watching the DC season because I loved to hate the girl Ashley. She was just the worst and I kept watching because I found it truly hysterical that people of her nature actually exist. Having said all that, let’s move on.

I started watching this season a little late, but my roommates kept telling me that I would love this season and it turns out that those dweebs were right. Roy-Lee is the man. Not much more to say about him than that. Nany sucks (reminds me of Ashley). Loved Zito in the beginning but after his go-kart temper tantrum I have yet to come to like him again.  Naomi is pointless. Blonde Heather is the coolest girl on the show by far. Cookie is a nutjob. Adam reminded me of one of my roommates so I think that says enough. And Mikey is starting to come out of his shell which I like a lot.

Now that I have my opinions out in the open, I liked this episode for one reason and one reason only – Mikey is making moves on a girl he met when he was out one night with everyone and Roy-Lee was just supporting him like he was getting paid to do it. I mean if there’s a bro you want by your side when it’s time to go out, and I mean an absolute bro, then Roy-Lee is your man. He looks like the kind of bro that will be your wingman every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Just committing selfless acts for his friends like its nobody’s business. And that’s all I have to say about this episode.

As a side note, I can’t stand how everyone MTV casts for this show has some sob story of a past. It’s like we get it MTV everyone comes from different backgrounds and has their own problems yet dropping them all in the same house can prove to be harmonious. We got that after the  first season you don’t have the glorify it anymore. Just beating the idea into the ground.

Just trying to be your bro MTV!


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