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Breaking News: I Had an Awesome Sunday

May 2, 2011

gold fever wings

vin diesel


I have to say that today is up there in my list of awesome days. It all started with my brilliant idea to hit the 99 restaurant for some much needed feevies (gold fever wings) and then head to see Fast Five right after we were done eating. Obviously the feevies were on point as usual, and the burger I had was excellent as well, just an unreal combo before hitting the theater.

Fast Five was excellent as expected. Vin Diesel is an absolute monster in the F&F series and really gets me goin’ when he first comes on screen, guy is just an animal in every way. Clearly the cast for the movie couldn’t be more awful but I love the idea of combining awesome cars with a heist plot – it combines two things that I really like. Aside from the awful acting from Paul Walker and Tyrese and basically the entire cast list, I really liked the movie. The Rock even had some awesome one-liners that got the theater to chuckle on more than one occasion. The movie itself was extremely far-fetched but that’s to be expected from F&F, it’s meant to be an action movie so the possibility that any of the stuff that takes place on screen could actually ever happen in real life doesn’t really matter. Hey I paid 9 bucks to be entertained and they delivered; what else can you ask for? I won’t give it away, but the ending was actually pretty clever given the overall tone that F&F movies give off.

So we leave the theater having just experienced a prime dinner along with a great flick, and come home to find that Osama took a bullet right in the forehead. Does it get much better than that?

When it rains it pours! Gimme the veggies!


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