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Product Review: Logitech z5500

March 30, 2011

Logitech z5500

I’m gonna start off by saying I bought these speakers almost 4 years ago now and I haven’t regretted it for a second. Actually I lied, I regret not getting them sooner. Here’s why: If you’re looking for speakers on a budget that will give you more bang for your buck than you could ever expect, then look no further.

I did a review before about a Logitech Harmony Universal Remote and mentioned that I love Logitech products as long as I get the high-end version of whatever I’m buying. In this case, Logitech’s z5500 surround sound speaker system is exactly on par with that. The z5500 system is the best Logitech has to offer, and, as I said, you get what you pay for. Everybody knows that computer speakers are traditionally never very impressive, if at all. They’re there when you need some extra kick but aside from that, most computer speakers are garbage not only to the audiophile, but also to the average user. Now, these are certainly not studio quality speakers and would make the  person that spends $10,000 a piece on Martin Logans ears bleed. They are, however, good enough to earn the badge of being THX certified. For those of you that don’t know, THX certification basically means that the speakers are movie theater quality (no, they’re obviously not as loud as a movie theater, but you get the idea.) When I first started shopping for some speakers, I read reviews on various systems just like anyone would. They all led to the same thing: the z5500s. People were raving over how good this system is for the price. One thing that people were constantly saying was that the bass was ridiculous. Come to find out they were dead on with those statements. So naturally the first thing I did once I got them was test out the bass; duh. Needless to say the girls that lived below me freshman year weren’t very happy to hear me testing out the bass with the most obnoxious hard-hitting hip-hop and house songs I could find. There’s actually a warning on the sub that says not to place any hard drives or monitors within two feet of the subwoofer because the magnet inside could ruin them — that’s how serious the sub is.

The speakers are unbelievably loud and stay crisp throughout the entire range (depending on your form of input – digital is always better than plugging an iPod in via the headphone-style jack.) Hard-hitting bass combined with rich mids and crisp highs makes this system all around excellent not only for a computer, but also for the home theater builder on a budget. These speakers will have no problem filling a 20×20 room with excellent sound for a great movie experience as well as dangerously loud decibels for a Friday night party. Whatever your application, these speakers won’t let you down. Not to mention, they have a “boost” setting (aka – turn the knob a bunch of times and for even louder sound.)

Bottom line – if you’re looking to spend less than $500 on a good system for a medium-sized room, these are it. You won’t be mad you got them. Your neighbors might be after you really put them to the test on a Friday night, though.

Like the sound of them (ha)? Find them at Newegg

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