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Product Review: Logitech Harmony 670

March 9, 2011

Logitech Harmony 670

If there’s one thing your entertainment system or movie theater needs, it’s a remote so you can spend as much time in your seat as possible. We wouldn’t wanna ever have to do something so crazy as to get up to change a setting because that would require work, which we know none of us want to do. Fortunately for you sloths out there, we have not only remote controls, but remote controls that combine the functions of your 50 various remotes into one: the Universal Remote.

Universal remotes come in many flavors, but one of the leaders is Logitech. I’m a Logitech fan to begin with because I have a few of their products and I know they make good stuff but the old saying, “You get what you pay for” applies 100% to Logitech products. They have a number of product lines including keyboards and mice, speakers, and remotes. They have probably 20 different universal remotes, ranging from about $50 up to $500. The more you spend, the more satisfied you’ll be. The remote I’m talking about here (which is the one I have) is the Harmony 670 which retailed for about $80-$100 when it was in production.

This remote is programmable through your computer, and, once it’s setup to your liking (which can take forever), works pretty well. It has a screen (not color) to help you with using the remote, and quick buttons like “Watch TV,” and “Listen to Music” for ease-of-use. Like I said, once it’s setup correctly, it works great.

The problem: It’s unbelievably annoying to program the remote. The software coupled with the remote is awful on its best day and makes it extremely tedious to program. That’s probably why the remote has been sitting in my drawer for the past year and a half. I haven’t felt like setting it up since I got a new TV. Guess that goes along with the whole sloth mentality I was talking about before.

Anyway, I give this product 2 stars because it will serve its purpose perfectly but only after you put about 3 hours of blood, sweat, and tears into programming it. Want more stars from a Logitech product? Simple. Spend more.


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