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Home Theater PCs

February 8, 2011

With the advent of High Definition everything taking over, it is quickly and surely becoming more of a standard than an option in today’s world of technology. Show me a bar that doesn’t have ten HDTVs with multiple games on and I’ll show you an empty bar. Naturally, computers are no different. The ability for computers to be able to display high definition content is easily doable nowadays. So what does that mean for you and your dream of having a home theater? It means your home theater (or potential home theater) can become even more like, if not better than an actual movie theater. Pair a computer with high definition processing power and a high definition projector/gigantic television, and you’ve got yourself a personal theater (minus the sound, of course.) What’s the best part of all of this? You can easily get yourself a computer worthy of being called an HTPC for a couple hundred bucks. Whether or not you store your movies in file format on a computer or whether you use BluRay discs will determine what sort of configuration you need for your particular setup.

They can even be as simple as the Acer AspireRevo or the Asus EeeBox. These pint-sized computers come with full HD capability and built-in digital sound. Anything based on the nVidia Ion platform is made for HD playback.

Or there’s always the option of taking this into your own hands and building your own computer.


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